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AnalystX Applied Evaluation Community of Practice

This evaluation community of practice aims to allow people working on applied evaluation across health and social care to come together in a safe space to share and learn. We meet online regularly and hope to establish this social platform to enable members to share models, approaches, resources, challenges and solutions

Current Members:

  • Jiri Chard - NHS England
  • Alison Tweed - NHS England
  • Elizabeth Oddy - NHS England
  • John Wheeler - NHS England
  • Louise Schmidt - NHS England
  • Suki Panesar - NHS England
  • Alex Cheung - NHS England
  • Commissiong Support Unit - Arden and GEM CSU

Communities of Practice

We are keen to support new communities in development of existing networks. Please get in touch if you would like support the development of the Applied Evaluation Community of Practice – email for more information.

Principles and aims of the Applied Evaluation Community of Practice

  • Share models and approaches to evaluation across the different teams and organisations working in the health and social care fields.
  • provide support to colleagues by sharing problems, opportunities and brainstorm solutions.
  • provide opportunities for cross-fertilisation, including potentially developmental opportunities for staff members to work on specific projects with different teams.
  • access the emerging published evidence base, and the insights and opinion of change in response to evaluation challenges, in our own health care system and beyond.
  • link in other relevant networks.